“The Walking Dead” Showrunner Speaks Out About Daryl’s Sexuality

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Fans of “The Walking Dead” are starting up the rumor mill again regarding Daryl’s sexuality.

Fans, for a long time now, have wondered why Daryl has yet to act on his “relationship” with Carol or his interesting “friendship” with Beth.

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple had this to say recently when asked about Daryl’s sexual orientation:

We’re not holding back information on Daryl’s sexuality as any sort of big reveal. The fact that there’s still a question as to what Daryl’s orientation is in Season 5 absolutely speaks to Daryl’s character; he is a very guarded, very closed-off individual in a lot of ways. 

The Huffington Post added,

Gimple went on to say that Dixon’s sexuality isn’t necessarily addressed in the upcoming season, but he is going to continue to grow closer to the other characters in the show, eventually ‘letting them see just who he is, in every way.’ Additionally, the showrunner said there will be a gay character introduced to the show, but, in typical “Walking Dead” fashion, he would not reveal when. 

What do you think Daryl’s orientation is? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Image: Gene Page/AMC


Brittany Mancuso

Brittany Mancuso

Brittany Mancuso is the Managing Editor of NewsLab.

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